[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #136 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Dec 22nd, 2013
After this 136th Map of the Week, we'll be taking two weeks of Christmas
vacation. We'll be back with Map No. 137 on January 19. This week, we take
a look at Václav's Mill, a prosperous agricultural village on the River
Storming in Grainland County.

Key to the Map of the Václav's Mill Village Center

North Quarter:

1. Agricultural and Herbal Fields.

2. Fishermen's Guild. The guildmaster is Patrik, a 50-year-old human male
craftsman. The guild membership consists of 42 farmers (Patrik also is a
farmer) who earn a part of their living fishing on Bounty Lake east of the
mapped area. The guild is a branch of the Central Food Cooperative
(Location No. 21). The fishermen clean and pack their catch in the hall of
the guildhouse and deliver it then to the coop. Wives of some of the
fishermen also sell a part of the fresh daily catch on the market square.

3. Chandler Hubert. Master Chandler Hubert, a 48-year-old human male
artisan, and his wife Denisa, a 49-year-old human female craftsman, make
candles for the Václav's Mill area. Their only child is a young adult and
no longer at home. They use imported tallow that is brought to town by
Royal Trading.

4. Market Square. Some peddlers come to town to sell their wares, but most
stands are run by local farmers. Permits are required. Transients and
occasional locals who want to do business at the market can buy permits for
one bronze piece per day. Locals wishing to do regular market business can
buy a monthly permit for one gold and one silver piece. Annual permits cost
12 gold pieces.

5. Central Food Cooperative Slaughterhouse and Butcher Shop. Most farmers,
breeders and hunters in the Václav's Mill area belong to the powerful coop.
This operation slaughters and butchers farm animals and game brought that
are brought in by members. It also sells meat and fish from the Fishermen's
Guild at retail. It is headed by Master Butcher Gabriel, a 52-year-old
human male artisan. He lives with his wife and children in the southern
residential section. Gabriel employs eight journeyman butchers, all human
male and female craftsmen. He also employs four apprentice butchers, three
teamsters, three salespersons and two laborers, all human male and female
commoners. The administration is in the headquarters of the coop (Location
No. 21).

6. Herbal House. Slovánska's largest producer of herbal products is owned
by the 62-year-old human female spinster healer Klára. The greater part of
this operation is devoted to the production of medicinal herbal products,
but Klára also employs two human female healers who treat patients for a
fee. They are the 50-year-old Viola and the 38-year-old Marta. They have
their practices on the main building's 3rd story, which also includes
Klára's apartment. The Herbal House acquires its herbs from several
sources. Those that can be raised as culture plants grow in Klára's fields
on the north side of town, but the Herbal House also buys herbs from
rangers, herbal witches and farmers in the outlying areas. Under Klára's
supervision, her apothecary healers make a wide variety of potions,
poultices, powders, salves, teas, wines and liqueurs that are sold and
shipped to healers in other parts of Slovánska and some destinations in
northern Vétrnývlast. In addition to Viola and Marta, Klára employs 8 human
male and female apothecary healers, 5 human male and female apothecary
craftsmen, a human male teamster, two human male and female laborers, a
human female merchant as bookkeeper and two human female commoners as

7. Valdemar's Bakery. Master Baker Valdemar, a 42-year-old human male
artisan, owns and operates the only bakery in Václav's Mill. He is the
purveyor to the castle, the garrsion and the inn and also sells retail in
his shop and, when the weather is suitable, on the market square. Most of
the goods are baked in two wood-burning ovens behind the main building.
Valdemar employs two journeyman bakers, human male and female craftsmen, and
an apprentice baker, a teamster, a laborer and two salespersons, all human
male and female commoners. Valdemar, his wife and their two children live
in an apartment on the bakery's second story.

8. Tailor Lubomir. Master tailor Lubomir, a 55-year-old human male
artisan, runs something of a booming business. He has the only tailor shop
in town, and he and his 52-year-old wife Edita are the only master tailor
and seamstress in town. They clothe not only the baron and the burgomaster
but also the soldiers of the garrison and all private burgers who can afford
to purchase what they wear. The couple employs four journeyman tailors and
seamstresses, all human male and female craftsmen, and two apprentices and a
laborer, all human female and female commoners. Lubomir and Edita live in
an apartment on the shop's second story. They have no children.

Government Quarter:

9. Fishermen's Guild Dock.

10. Bounty River.

11. Millstream

12. Bounty Grainmill. This is the original Václav's Mill that gave the
village its name. However, the mill has changed names many times. For more
than 30 years, it's been known as the Bounty Grainmill. The current owner
is master miller Jaroslav, a 55-year-old human male artisan. He employs a
journeyman miller, a human male craftsman, and an apprentice, a human female
commoner. The mill grinds flour and feed and presses vegetable oil.
Jaroslav, who has the reputation of being a miser, charges a 10% milling
fee, but he often tries to haggle with farmers, making unfounded claims that
their grain and seed are of substandard quality. People resent that, but
they're used to it. All of them insist upon a full 10% by weight. Jaroslav
needs the grain, so he gives in, but only after wasting the time of the
farmers. He is a bachelor who lives in a small apartment above the mill.

13. Baron Svatoslav's Castle. The baron, a 51-year-old human male
merchant, and his baronial administration are housed in the castle. The
tower is the domain of his court wizard, the 49-year-old human female
Shárka. The northwest wing of the castle is the baronial granary, and the
cellar serves mostly as a storage area for root crops. The barony of
Václav's Mill includes some of the kingdom's more productive farming land.
As a result, Svatoslav maintains a larger than average staff of tax
collectors who gather and sell the baron's 10% tithed share of the harvests.
Svatoslav and his wife, the Baroness Jindra, a 49-year-old human female
scholar, have their apartment on the ground floor, which also includes the
offices of the baronial administration. The couple is childless. On the
second story one finds the castle's kitchen, a small private dining room
used by the baron and baroness, a large banquet hall, a chamber music hall
and the library of the baroness, who is a noted historian. The baron
employs two bookkeepers and 10 tax collectors, all human male and female
merchants: a master cook, a human male artisan; and two helper cooks, two
chamber maids and three laborers, all human male and female commoners.

14. Village Hall. Bozhena, a 46-year-old human female merchant, heads the
village government. She and her husband, military Commandant Otakar, a
45-year.old human male warrior, live in an apartment on the second story,
along with their teen-aged son and daughter. Miroslav, the 36-year-old
human male warrior who is captain of the village watch, lives with his wife,
Alzhbìta, a 34-year-old human female commoner, in a second apartment on the
floor. They are childless. The ground floor houses the village
administration and the village watch. Bozhena employs a bookkeeper and two
clerks, all human male and female merchants, and two laborers and three
stable boys and girls, all human male and female commoners. In addition to
Miroslav, the watch consists of nine human male and female fighters. A
storage area and the local jail are in the cellar.

15. Shared Stable. The baron and baroness, the burgomaster and the captain
of the watch keep their horses here. One of the stable boys or girls always
is on duty at any given time. The stable also has a kennel that houses the
baron's six special bloodhounds.

16. Coach and Wagon House. The carriages of the baron and baroness and of
the burgomaster are housed here, along with the village's two wagons.

17. Garrison. Commandant Otakar commands 150 soldiers. About a third of
them are in the garrison at any given time. Some 50 of them usually are on
patrol in the farming areas south of the village, and another 50 are on
patrol in the North Meadows up to the border of the Dark Hills. The
Václav's Mill detachment includes 90 fighters, 30 warriors, 20 rangers and
10 scouts, all human males and females.

18. General Store. The 47-year-old human female merchant Ivona owns and
operates the store. She sells most standard non-food items that are
unavailable elsewhere in Václav's Mill but has relatively little to offer
adventurers who want to head out onto the trails. Ivona employs two
salespersons and a laborer, all human male and female commoners.

Trade Quarter

19. Igor's Smithy. Master blacksmith Igor, a 42-year-old human male
artisan, runs this hammersmith operation. He performs all types of
blacksmith work and can do a fair but less than masterly job of repairing
weapons and armor. His waterwheel-powered hammer also makes it possible for
him to do heavy metal work. Igor employs a human female craftsman as a
journeyman smith and a human male commoner as an apprentice. He lives with
his wife, Ingrid, a 40-year-old human female commoner, in an apartment above
the smithy.

20. Nina's Sawmill. Master sawyer Nina, a 39-year-old human female
artisan, cuts lumber for the Václav's Mill area. She employs two journeyman
sawyers, both human male and female craftsmen, and two apprentice sawyers
and a teamster-laborer, all human male and female commoners. Nina, who is
single, lives in an apartment above the sawmill.

21. Central Food Cooperative. The coop is comprised of most of the farmers
and fishermen in the Václav's Mill area. The complex includes a central
store and three warehouses. Food products except for meat, sausage and fish
are sold retail in the shop. (Those products are sold at Location No. 5.)
The coop's chairwoman is the 40-year-old human female merchant Dana. She
employs a bookkeeper, a human male merchant, as well as six food packers and
two laborers, all human male and female commoners.

22. Cobbler Patricie. Master cobbler Patricie, a 44-year-old human female
artisan, makes shoes for the folk of Václav's Mill and the soldiers in the
garrison. She employs two journeyman cobblers, human male and female
craftsmen, and two apprentices, human male and female commoners. Patricie
lives with her husband, the wainwright Radek, in an apartment above his shop
(Location No. 24).

23. Royal Trading Co. Station and Inn. The entire complex belongs to and is
run by the Royal Trading Co. The complex consists of the following
buildings, from west to east on the map: The inn, the main station
(attached), a brewhouse, a combination stable and wagon shed and a woodshed.
The inn section is managed by the 33-year-old human male merchant Chenekh.
His boss and the overall supervisor is station manager Maxim, a 45-year-old
human male merchant. The inn's public room is open daily from 8 bells to 22
bells (8 a.m. to 10 p.m.). Chenekh employs a bookeeper, a human female
merchant, and two bartenders, three waitresses and two chambermaids, all
human male and female commoners. His wife Ada, a 35-year-old human female
artisan, is the brewwife. She turns out a popular lager beer. The master
cook is the 47-year-old human female artisan Johana. She makes a variety of
dishes of gourmet quality, using only local meat, poultry, fish, vegetables
and fruits. Ada's beer sells for 2 copper pieces per pint/half-liter
tankard. Johana's meals run between 1 to 3 bronze pieces for breakfast and
4 to 9 bronze pieces for noon and evening meals. Bread boards with cold
cuts and a dill pickle are available at all open hours for 2 bronze pieces.
Breakfast is served from 8 to 9 bells, lunch from 11 to 14 bells and dinner
from 17 to 21 bells. The very simple guest rooms cost five bronze pieces
per person nightly.

24. Radek's Wagons. Master Wainwright Radek, a 46-year-old human male
artisan, makes wagons for the military and farmers, as well as carts and
wheelbarrows. He employs two journeyman wainwrights, human male and female
craftsmen, and two apprentices and a teamster, all human male and female
commoners. He lives with his wife, the cobbler Patricie (Location No. 22)
in an apartment above his workshop. They have no offspring.

You can get the map in two versions from the Joerdhgardh website:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable.

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 1020 Pixels, (670 KB).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
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January 19, 2014: Václav's Mill - The Royal Trading Inn

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