Re: [nbos] Inspiration Pad Pro for Android... Released!
"Chris Tavares"
Wed Dec 18th, 2013
Works great on my Nexus 7, with one gotcha: When I plug it into my computer,
the InspirationPadPro folder doesn't show up in Windows Explorer. Makes it a
real pain to get new generators onto the tablet.

I doubt this is your problem, but I needed to vent somehow. :-)



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Glad to hear :-)

The app now defaults to only scanning the /InspirationPadPro directory for
.ipt files. But it can be switched back in the app's settings to have it
scan the entire card if you want.

The other major change is that it displays accented and other extended ascii
characters better. They weren't displaying correctly for some generators.


At 07:29 AM 12/18/2013, you wrote:
>I'm happy to report that with the latest release (yesterday), the app
>now works fine in my Samsung Galaxy S2 (running Android 4.2.2 /
>CyanogenMod). The first version froze for a very, very long time after
>the splash screen, the new one starts up almost instantly.
>I don't know what you guys did, but whatever it was fixed the problem.
>Thanks :)

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