Re: [nbos] Inspiration Pad for Android
Thu Nov 14th, 2013
Hi Ed:

I have a feeling I’ve inadvertently ignored your request not to reply to the entire mailing list As soon as I saw what was available, I went straight to the Nox site, downloaded the app, put it on my tablet and did a run through. Then I saw the chance to comment and did so... Only when I returned to your e-mail did I register your request so...sorry

On a positive note, every aspect of the procedure went smoothly and rapidly and it all worked the way I would imagine was intended. Not one hiccup or problem. I haven’t transferred any of my own data into the app but will do so next time I have a game scheduled.

My tablet is an Archos G9 10.1 with a 250 Gb HDD (so no need for a micro card) running Ice Cream Sandwich. Hope this is helpful.



From: NBOS Support
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 5:49 AM
Subject: [nbos] Inspiration Pad for Android

Hi All,

Here's a download to the beta of Inspiration Pad for Android:

If you do download and install, please send me directly a quick email
reporting your device type and any problems encountered. Please DO NOT
respond to the entire mailing list when doing so (so we don't fill
everyone's inboxes).

Thanks and Enjoy!


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