[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #130 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Nov 10th, 2013
With the 130th Map of the Week we take a look at Slovania's Grainland
County, the tropical, southern bread basket of the kingdom. A quick glance
at the map of Grainland County should give adventurers a good idea what they
can expect there as far as adventure goes: In the south, nothing, and in
the north, uncertainty. Adventure aside, one also can expect heat. Much of
the county is tropical, lying between the equator and 10 latitude north.
Like the rest of Slovania, Grainland County is corrupt, but as one might
expect in a tropical zone, in a more relaxed and less dedicated manner than
in the cooler and cold climates farther northward. The ruler, Count
Blahoslav, wants to live the good life, the comfortable life. He wants to
enjoy his days, lack nothing and have nothing about which he needs to worry.
A bit of minor corruption here and there helped him, and for the most part,
he has reached his goals. The same can be said for most of the free
burghers in his county. Southern Grainland County is a land of plenty. The
part of the county south of the Bounty River boasts of the richest farming
soils and the best farm weather in the northwestern part of the jr. The
warm sun makes the fields and orchards glow by day. Cool rains come on many
nights, but it seldom ever is cooler than 60 F/16 C at night. Even when
there is a cold front, the warm air from the Muspell Desert to the south
drifts over the land at night. However, if we take a look north of the
Bounty, we see little. We do see the Dark Hills, but when one looks into
this area, one sees only a seemingly endless sea of jungle-forested rolling
hills. The eye sees nothing unhealthy in this landscape. The trees thrive;
so does the underbrush. Still where the eye finds nothing, the heart
senses that something is wrong, that the Darkness is somewhere in these
hills that are mostly devoid of human settlements. For that reason,
Slovanians do not go there.

You can get this map in two versions:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable (3.9 MB)
from the Joerdhgardh website.

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 1250 Pixels (720 KB), available with
the hyperlink below.

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh website at:


Next Week: Grainland County - Storm Mill

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