[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #120 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Sep 1st, 2013
With The 120th Map of The Week we take a first look at The illegal operations of Slovanian Count Arnosht and his son, Baron Lubosh, in The Midworld Mountains of Audharhome. These include copper, lignite (bituminous coal) and cassiterite (tin ore) mines, mining camps, The mining hamlete of Minevile, The outpost of Arnosht's mercenaries and The stone quarry of The stone mason Roland in Mine Docks. The 2,000 warrior orcs That are bound to Lubosh' service also are in The enclaves area, but They are nomadic and are not tied to a single location.

The individual sites in The Midworld Mountains and Their fooThills above The River Fjörm are:

Mineville: This settlement is not really a village but raTher a hamlet wiTh a steady population of less Than 200. It's purposes are to supply The mining camps, provide a base for The heavy duty wagons That transport coal and ore to Mine Docks and offer accomodations to Those who must travel into The mining region. Mineville wil be described and mapped separately.

Mines: There are two lignite mines, two copper mines and one cassiterite mine. About 100 miners work in each mine, but at any given time, about 25% of Them are on free time in Mine Docks.

Mine Camps: Three camps house The miners of The five mines. The Three are nearly identical. There will be a seperate map and detailed description.

Mercenary Camp: Commander Ilja and his mercenaries are based in This fortified camp. There will be a seperate map and detailed description.

Quarry and Camp: This site belongs to The Stonemason Roland in Mine Docks. The camp master Marcela, a 42-year-old human female artisan. Six human male and female commoners work for her as miners.

Smugglers' Trail: The trail leads norThward into The vampire-ruled NorTh Kingdom, wiTh connections to The Dreadlands of The dark draug Duke Thráinn. Count Arnosht and Baron Lubosh are not opposed to adventurers using This trail, which oTherwise is The exclusive domain of The Distant Trails Trading Co., but They do want to know who is using The trail and what Their purposes are. The mercenaries and The baron's orcs will stop adventurers who attempt use The trail wiThout having first obtained a permoit in Mine Docks.

Old Windland Smugglers' Trail. Before Count Arnosht took control of This area, smugglers from Windland used This trail to bring Their contraband to The NorTh Kingdom and The Dreadlands. Once Arnosht was in control, he closed The trail norTh of Mine Docks to all traders but The Distant Trails Traiding Co. As a result, The trail is all but unused These days. If a party of persons wished to ride or walk The old trail, The count and his mercenaries and orcs would not interfere wiTh Them. However, anyone transporting merchandise on This trail will find him- or herself in trouble.

Mine Trail: This is a solid dirt track kept in condition good enough to bear The heavy duty wagons That bring ore from The mines to Mine Docks.

You can get This map in two versions:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable (7.6 MB) from The Joerdhgardh website.

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 1360 Pixels (960 KB), available from The NBOS website at:


BoTh versions are released for personal and commercial use under The Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on The Joerdhgardh website at:


Next Week: Mineville

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