Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
Juanma Barranquero
Sun Nov 4th, 2012
On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 5:26 PM, Cam Kirmser <> wrote:

> My apologies then.

No need to apologize.

> But, as far as a game is concerned, such anomalies can be explained away by
> the referee.

Yes, and that's half the fun.

> I've been refereeing Traveller since it came out in 1977. Lots of strange
> things happen when following the rules with no adjudication. For example,
> using the rules, one could generate a character with Vacc Suit skills on a
> planet with 1940s technology.

Vintage space opera ;-)

> The same is true for AS. It will require some supervision on the part of the
> person running it. It will give some odd results that will need
> adjudication; just the nature of random generators.

Sure. But IMO, the defaults should be suited to the general case; or
perhaps we need a couple of options, "[ ] Create population" and "[ ]
Distribute population according to habitability", or some such.

> Personally, I'd like AS to generate systems only without populations and let
> me decide where inhabitants are - and, could be there's a setting somewhere
> to allow that; I just haven't noticed it.

If you have sqlite3 at hand (and if not,,
after creating the sector and saving it (and making a backup, just in
case), you can do

C:> sqlite3 MySector.AstroDB
sqlite> update bodies set population = 0.0;
sqlite> .quit

> Unexpected, perhaps. But, how much did I pay for the generator?

That would be an argument if I were complaining that AS is useless and
I want my money back, which I've not done and I won't do. But whomever
buys a program, be it $10 or $10,000, has expectations of it working
reasonably. In this particular case, I have a small discrepancy about
some finer points (population distribution and frequency of really big
stars), and I think modifying these things would improve the user
experience; but even if the developer disagrees, I still think the
program is very useful and worth my money.

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