Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
Juanma Barranquero
Sun Nov 4th, 2012
On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 2:02 PM, Mike Oliver <> wrote:

>This has happened to me numerous times but I
> have withdrawn from most of the forums I subscribed to and just dip in when
> I have a specific problem. This, of course, means that I miss any number of
> fantastically useful bits of information. The fact remains that I don't
> belong to many forums and have survived.

This is exactly what's happened to me. Every time a thriving e-mail
list has been switched over to a forum, I've struggled to keep
connected and I've ended losing contact with the community. Surely
we're old dinosaurs (mentally, if not physically).

> I have a Facebook page but, since I first joined a year ago, I have gone to
> my page maybe twice and have never posted anything new. I have no need and
> certainly no desire for the world and its brother to know what I'm doing or
> how I feel.

I use (sparsely) my Facebook page to exchange political news and dog
rescue and animal rights info, but even if I have accounts in twitter,
pinterest, stumbleupon, etc., I've never posted or shared in any of
these (I think I've twitted three times, maximum). Google+ I like a
lot more (interface-wise), but still I don't really use it much.

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