Re: [nbos] [AS3] Updated or Older API Documentation.
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Sun Nov 4th, 2012
Hi Rob,

The API is online at:

This is the Astro v2 API, but its about 95% compatible with v3. If there's
anything relating to some of the newer features you dont see, just send me


At 08:18 PM 11/3/2012, you wrote:
>Hey Ed,
>When you've got a little time do you mind doing a dump of the API calls for
>Astro and confirming which language Astroscript uses (Visual Basic I believe
>but a confirm would be nice).
>You don't need to do a massive in depth dump of the api calls last time I
>believe it was fairly obvious what the actual AS3 Calls did based on their
>names, just the documentation that was about seems to have gone for a small
>walk (or is on the forums somewhere which I don't' go near).
>Thanks in advanced either way (yes or no).

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