Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
"Cam Kirmser"
Sat Nov 3rd, 2012
> Sure. I'm talking mainly about population distribution, not physical

I've seen that, but we are talking about a program that creates worlds for a
SciFi environment. In other words, because a planet has a population,
doesn't mean they evolved there or haven't adapted to changing world
conditions using technology. Take the Terraforming slider as a case in
point; it presumes that the technology exists to terraform.

If the tech to terraform exists, then perhaps the population on the odd
planet was there before the planet underwent changes to make it not seem to
be a planet that would encourage habitation. Take, for example, Ceti Alpha V
and Ceti Alpha VI from Star Trek II. Ceti Alpha V was an Earthlike planet,
but became more like Dune, due to stellar events. The population, though
small, remained.

> As I've said in the previous messages, it's not an "odd" result, it's
quite a few.

Well, to be clear, I took the word "odd" from your post.

> Well, as a counter-argument, AS3 is not trying to model victorian or
> science, but current one. So deviations from current knowledge are either
> bugs, or unexpected oddities.


We do not, currently, have the power to terraform worlds. AS includes this,
so I suggest that it does model future science.

I did not mean that AS was applicable to Victoria science, I was showing how
knowledge changes and that maybe the information available to create the
algorithms used by AS contain errors due to lack of knowledge as they would
had they used Victorian assumptions.

The point is, maybe we don't know everything, yet and these weird worlds are
possible results in reality.

But, the bottom line is, this is a game tool, not something required by NASA
to accurately model worlds, and the cost reflects that. It is an excellent
product and uses a scientific foundation, I believe, taken from Accrete. It
also closely matches "Habitable Planets for Man,"
[] a book
written as a resource for SciFi authors. I highly recommend it, if you do
not already have it. Perhaps it will answer your questions or resolve your

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