Re: [nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
Wolf-Eyed Angel
Sat Nov 3rd, 2012
> I suggest you do a 'search' for Kalgoorlie Western Australia or a number

> > other places which are full blown small cities in the middle of no were.
> There are humans living natively everywhere except Antarctica, so
> sure, yes. Infrequent, and certainly not as a first choice when
> there's better places nearby.

Your own statements paired with the Dubai one should suggest to you some
ways that this place could have become inhabited, not as an oddity but as a
course of the natural cycle of things.

> > (Dubai as a country actually sings out to me, oil is about the only
> thing it
> > had going for it until they built up the tourism industry )
> Dubai was inhabited 7,000 years ago, when it was not a desert.

So perhaps your 'wierd' planet was first inhabited when it was a tropical
paradise, and the people were too stubborn to leave when things started to
get lousy and the environment started to tank... perhaps they're trying to
rectify the problem and haven't yet. Perhaps they will be the next 'lost
civilization' in your campeign world and have archeologists flocking to
them to see how it actually happens in real time.

> > And actually in the real world the way colonisation worked was that you
> > looked for a water source and hopefully land that was fertile enough to
> > support your population and you built a colony there..
> Exactly! I'm glad you agree with me.

Actually this is somewhat different than what you've been saying. Was it
what you were /meaning/ to say? You have mentioned rivers, but that has
very little to do with the overall suitability of an area for habitation.
Yes, water is important but it's not the only factor. The point is that
humans will go to a resource and try and find ways of manufacturing other
resources and they live in some places, natively, that don't make general
sense and do so for a variety of reasons. The nomads in the dry steppes of
central asia. The various peoples who live above the arctic circle.
Peoples who live in deserts as nomads. The people who build their houses
INSIDE massive fault zones. The thing about humans is we have this knack
for making the world work for US rather than leaving and finding someplace
better. We're stubborn that way. Who knows, perhaps that world was settled
by religious fanatics who deliberately only gave themselves enough fuel to
get to their new home and then dismantled their colony ship so no one could
turn back when they found what they'd landed on. (Citation: David Weber's
Honor Harington series, the history of the planet Grayson. Rough
Historical parallels, the Puritans) It could be a mining 'boom town'.

> But really if the built in generator isn't woking for what you want write
> a
> > new one that will do what you want the API allows for it and there are
> > already scripts up that do it..
> Repeating this will not convince me that the generator isn't making
> some odd choices.

Given that the creator of the generator's theories on how humans chose
places to colonize and the purpose of the generator disagrees with your
general take on the issue, of course it's going to seem odd to you. Just
as your theories seem odd to those of us who have different ones. That
doesn't make them, or the suggestion to write your own, invalid. Also,
realize the generator can't read your mind. It can't know what your
specific intent for this sector is. For example I have a novel world I'm
building a star map for. I have very specific systems placed, and left
everything else to randomness, because I really don't want to hand generate
3 massive interstellar empires and the interstellar flotsam between them.
When I run into a 'habitable' system that seems odd, I ask myself why in
terms of the territory. In the case of race 1, their power is a mineral
that is a natural solar cell, but it's liquid under most circumstances. So
if there's a less than friendly world especially if it's close to a high
luminosity sun and a high population, they're probably there because the
conditions are right for this mineral to crystallize on its own making it
easier to mine. This mineral is very important to them. It's their
power collector generator, and storage all in one and is very efficient at
it. If that means orbital habitats for 5 billion people so be it. A
generator that is designed for broad appeal and inspiration (which the
default is) needs to consider and account for these circumstances since it
can't KNOW what things you want in your world, it has to offer that kind of

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