[nbos] [AS3] Saving Fractal Terrain maps
Juanma Barranquero
Sun Oct 28th, 2012

Newbie question(s) about AstroSynthesis 3. Hope this is the right place.

1) If you click on a terrestrial planet, then edit the surface map
(Properties / Edit Surface Map), then save it, the map gets saved to
the .astroDB database. After that, clicking again on the same planet
is faster because the map is already generated (seems that it is saved
as an image to the surface_maps table).
How can I do the same with maps generated with Fractal Terrains?
Currently, each time I click on a planet, FT is invoked again, which
is slow, and the map does not seem to be saved anywhere.

2) Am I only the only one puzzled by the Filters menu? I cannot see
any difference between the "Any Habitable" and "Habitable Systems
Only" options (both seem to show habitable and hospitable systems).

3) Is there any way to edit an individual route? Clicking + right
button only brings the "Delete Route" option. I suppose I could delete
a route and recreate it, but this seems a bit roundabout.

4) Which is the right place to report minor bugs and suggestions (I'm
talking things like typos, or the Gas Giant masses shown as x.yyy sol,
while the Edit Properties dialog clearly states that it is Earth


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