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Wed Oct 3rd, 2012
I am currently making a 3D model of the city of Tashal, kingdom, continent of Harness. If you are interested I can provide maps and photorealistic pictures.

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> With the 78th Map of the Week we continue in the borderlands town of
> Ódhinn's House in the Kingdom of Slovania. this week we take a look at
> Ódhinn's Fortress, above the Outer Town south of the main settlement.
> Key to the Map of Odhinn's Fortress:
> 1. Gate. The road from Odhinn's House winds upward from the north along
> the east side of the castle and then stretches back southward to the gate.
> The massive wooden gate doors always are shut and barred both magically and
> physically. Visitors who are not members of the circle and who have not
> been invited seldom are allowed to enter the complex. The circle doubts
> that the Slovanians of Odhinn's House or bands of adventurers have any
> information or goods that would interest it. Strangers who want to enter
> need to convince the guards that this is not the case.
> 2. Administrative Building. This was Ódhinn's main governmental building.
> It now houses a small library and the watch. The building has a kitchen and
> dining room for circle members and Kirsti, the half-elven female
> sorcerer-warrior who was sent as an ambassador by the Kareli princes, who
> has the privileges of a circle member. It also has a conference room where
> those who convince the guards to let them through the gate can relate what
> they wish to circle members of higher rank. It is doubtful that outsiders
> will get beyond this point within the fortress complex. (Much of this
> building has been mapped and detailed separately.)
> 3. Main Palace. This is the part of the complex where Óðinn and Frigg met
> guests and where some of the other Æsir deities dwelled. The throne room on
> the ground floor seldom is used. The second story is a huge but empty
> ballroom. The upper stories are the dwellings of the resident circle
> members and Kirsti. There also are rooms for travelling members of the
> circle who are visiting the fortress. (The throne room has been mapped and
> detailed separately. The rest of this wing is available for expansion by
> individual game masters.)
> 4.-5. Palace: Center and East Wings. Both wings now are empty and unused.
> In earlier times, these wings served mainly as quarters and barracks for the
> warriors of Ódhinn's army who were stationed here.
> 6. Magicians' Tower. Laboratories for the white druids, magi, wizards and
> sorcerers of the circle are in this tower. Earlier, this tower was used
> exclusively by Ódhinn and his fire deity Loki. (The tower has been mapped
> and detailed separately.)
> 7. Arnfinnur's Chambers. The high white druid, Arnfinnur, who has no wife,
> dwells here. In Ódhinn's time, he and his wife, the goddess Frigg, dwelt
> here. They allowed no one else to enter the chamber except for Frigg's
> handmaiden. Arnfinnur continues that practice. He allows no one in his
> chamber except his manservant, Greipur, who also has a room in the chamber.
> 8. Keep. The circle has made no use of this tower to date. Ódhinn built
> it as a last sanctuary in time of attack. The first 40 feet/12 m from the
> ground up are empty. There are another five empty stories above it. Old
> skeletons found on the ground level suggest that this may have performed
> double service as a hunger tower.
> 9. Thing Hall. In Ódhinn's time, this served as the great conference hall
> of the god-king and the other Austamæra AEsir deities. Today it serves the
> same purpose for Arnfinnur and his circle members. (This building has been
> mapped and detailed separately.)
> 10. Arnfinnur's Tower. This is the white druid's magician's tower. No one
> but Greipur is allowed to enter, and he enters only when Arnfinnur requires
> his physical help with a project.
> 11. Servants' Residence. The 20 AEsir refugee servants and laborers
> employed by the circle have their quarters, kitchen and dining hall here.
> 12. Tack Room.
> 13. Stable. the circles' and guests' mounts are kept here.
> Beyond the Surface Map:
> Dungeons. The cellars beneath palace buildings 4 and 5 served as dungeons
> in Ódhinn's time, and they were renovated to serve the same purpose for the
> circle. (The dungeons have been mapped separately.)
> You can get the map in two versions from our Joerdhgardh web page:
> 1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 map in FMP format, fully editable (15 MB).
> 2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 945 Pixels each (625 KB).
> Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
> Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh web site.
> the Joerdhgardh web site:
> Next week: Ódhinn's Fortress - Administrative Building
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