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With the 66th Map of the Week we continue in the land of Slovania, a corner
of the fallen AEsir Empire that is not ruled by forces of evil but that is
not necessarily good aligned either. Slovania was settled by a high shamann
from Windland in the south who was named Aleksandra. Her witch faith was
dominant in the formative years but since has lost much of its influence.

Today, Slovania is a weak kingdom with four strong counties and a march.
The king has his seat in Newhouse. The four counts and the margrave
combined have considerably more power than the king alone. However, they
work against one another rather than together. Their lands are the Royal,
River, Grainland and Southland Counties and the Border March.

Slovania is a relatively corrupt land between the borders of good and evil.
However, evil agents serving the dark draugs in the ruins of the AEsir
Empire to the north are beginning to establish secret bases in parts of the

Today's map shows us Sentinel City, a Slovanian town on the border of the
draug lands in the fallen AEsir Empire.

Key to the Map of Sentinel City

1. Hexwood River.

2. High Tavern. This is the favorite watering hole of the artisans on the
northeastern hill and caravan riders from the Royal Trading Co. (Location
No. 3). The tavernkeep, owner and only employee is the 48-year-old Ivana, a
human female merchant. The tavern serves no food and no drinks other than
World's End ale, which costs 3 copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard.

3. Royal Trading Co. The complex consists of the square coach house and
stable, on the west or left side, and the combined administrative building
and warehouse. The head of the trading company's branch office in Sentinel
City is the deep devil Izakar in disguise as the 55-year-old human merchant
Przhemysl. Izakar is a servant of the devil Gadreel in Newhouse.
Przhemysl-Izakar employs two clerks, human male and female merchants, and
three laborers, human male and female commoners. There usually are six to
12 caravan companies in town at any given time. Each caravan rides with a
company of six human male and female warriors.

4. Border March Fortress. This complex is the fortress castle of Margrave
Ignác. The western tower is the keep of the fortress. The eastern tower
houses the margrave's court magi. The 41-year-old margrave, a human male
warrior, lives here together with his wife, the Marchioness Libehna, a human
female scholar, and their children. The eldest is son Bedrzhich, a
22-year-old human male petty noble, and his sister Aneta, an 18-year-old
human female scholar. The castle building also houses the government of the
march. The northernmost building is the stable for the margrave's horse and
the steeds of the castle guard. In the eastern tower dwell the court magi
Beáta, a 57-year-old human female wizard, and Ilja, a 45-year-old human male
seer. The march government includes the margrave's adjutant, the
46-year-old human male warrior René, 12 clerks, all human male and female
merchants, eight laborers, all human male and female commoners, and 25
castle guards, all human male and female warriors. The commander of the
guard is Jana, a human female scout. For his household the margrave employs
a butler, the 51-year-old master cook Radan, a human male artisan; Master
Cook Lenka, a 53-year-old human female artisan; three housemaids, all human
female commoners; a master gardener, the 62-year-old Marcela, a human female
artisan, and three laborers, all human male commoners.

5. Vítehzslav's Forge. Master Weaponsmith Vítehzslav, a 47-year-old human
male artisan, owns and operates Sentinel City's biggest smithy. His is the
only forge that makes and repairs weapons and armor. There are two smaller
blacksmith operations in the southern part of town, beyond that map's
borders, but neither works with weapons or armor. Vítehzslav makes and
repairs weapons and army for the military garrison and the castle guard as
well as for private adventurers. He also does all types of blacsmithing.
Vítehzslav employs Master Armor Maker, Behla, a 40-year-old human female
artisan; Master Blacksmith Bohumir, a 42-year-old human male artisan; four
journeyman smiths, all human male and female artisans: four apprentices,
human male and female commoners, and two laborers, also human male and
female commoners.

6. Butcher Blanka. Master Butcher Blanka, a 35-year-old human female
artisan, makes smoked meats and sausages of local meat. She and her workers
do their own slaughtering. After slaughtering, she also offers some fresh
meat in her shop and to the village hostelries. She employs three
journeyman butchers, human male and female artisans; two apprentices, human
male and female commoners; three salespersons, human male nad female
commoners, and two laborers, human male and female commoners.

7. World's End Inn. Some taverns in the southern part of the village
(beyond the map's borders) have a few guest rooms, but the World's End is
the only true inn in Sentinel City. It is owned and operated by Innkeeper
Lumir, a 49-year-old human male merchant. The southwestern wing of the inn
has 12 single rooms at five bronze pieces per night and four doubles at five
bronze pieces per person. The northern wing houses the kitchen on the
ground floor and the apartment of Lumir and his family on the second story.
The eastern wing has public rooms on the ground floor and the second story.
The upper level is opened only when business warrants it. Lumir sells his
own house ale at three copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard, spirits
from the Newhouse distillery at 1 to 7 bronze pieces per shot/0.1 liter
glass and meals from 1 silver piece to 8 bronze pieces. Lumir's wife,
Ester, a 46-year-old human female artisan, is the alewife. His daughter,
the unmarried Darja, a 28-year-old human female artisan, is the master cook.
Lumir employs two chambermaids, two waitresses and a laborer, all human male
and female commoners.

8. World's End Brewery. Lumir's wife, Ester, a 46-year-old human female
artisan, is the alewife. She brews a light, top-fermented ale. On brewing
days, she has the services of Lumir's laborer.

9. World's End Woodshed.

10. Adam's Tavern. The 66-year-old tavernkeep Adam and his 59-year-old
wife and brewmistress, Eva, run this tavern that locals shun. The tavern
actually is owned and financed by the Northern Circle. Some in Sentinel
City may suspect it, but no one in the village knows this. The tavern's
only real purpose is to serve as a way station for members of the circle,
who are feared by villagers, on their travels between Ódhinn's House and the
AEsir ruins in the north. The only people who do business in the tavern are
members of the circle and occasional adventurers who follow mostly
ill-advised tips to go there. Members of the circle who stop there are fed
and given drink by Adam and Eva at no charge. That's what the circle pays
them to do. If outsiders enter the tavern and manage to stay there long
enough to place an order, Adam will serve them the house lager at 6 copper
pieces per quart/liter tankard. He will not sell them food. Members of the
Northern Circle seek no company from adventurers who may wander into the
house. A PC group is more likely to get thrown out than to get information.
Members of the circle who pass through town sleep in beds in the open bay
barracks-style loft above the brewery, the northwestern building. On the
lower level, Eva makes her own barley malt and brews the lager that locals
call AEsir pivo (AEsir beer). Most villagers prefer it to World's End ale,
despite the fact that it comes from the unpopular Adam and Eva.

11. North Garrison. The 39-year-old human male warrior Ivo commands the 75
soldiers stationed here, most of them human male and female warriors and
scouts. The only exceptions are two human male and female war wizards. The
western building is the main barracks. The center structure is the stable.
The eastern building is the unit's headquarters with officers' housing on
the second story. In addition to the garrison, there also are soldiers
stationed in two large watch towers in the southern part of the city where
the land is the highest. These areas are beyond the map's borders. At any
given time, about 30 of the garrison's soldiers and one war wizard will be
out of town riding patrol.

12. Southhill Windmill. Master Miller Kyido, a 55-year-old human male
artisan, makes Sentinel City's flour, feed and vegetable oil. The usually
steady winds atop the Southhill make it possible for the mill to run on most
days when grain is brought in. The main grains harvested near Sentinel City
are spelt, emmer wheat, oats, rye and barley. When farmers bring in grain,
Kyido charges them a 10% milling fee by weight. The other 90% of milled
flour and feed goes to the farmer. Kyido's 52-year-old wife, Kvehtoslava, a
human female commoner, and his 30-year-old son, Zbynehk, a journeyman miller
and human male artisan, also work in the mill. In addition, Kyido employs
an apprentice and a laborer, both human male commoners.

13. Temple of Fire. The temple honors the Aleksandreska fire spirit,
Svarozhich. It does not have a great following. Much of the time, Ada, an
81-year-old human female cleric of Svarozhich, is the only person in the
temple. There once were five clerics serving Svarozhich here, but Ada is
the only one who remains. However, she does have full clerical abilities
and will heal in return for payment.

14. Sentinel Leather Works. The company is the largest manufacturer of
leather goods in Slovánska. It produces a wide range of leather products
including saddles, and it also buys leather products made at home by the
many farmers who have small leather workshops. Sentinen Leather is owned by
master leather worker Blazhej, a 44-year-old human male artisan. He employs
seven journeyman leather workers, all human male and female artisans; four
apprentices, human male and female commoners, and three laborers, also human
male and female commoners. In adition, he buys homemade leather goods from
21 farmers, all human male and fenale commoners or artisans.

15. Urshula's Wagons. Master Wainwright Urshula, a 44-year-old human
female artisan, makes Sentinel City's wagons, trailers, carts and
wheelbarrows. She employs three journeyman wainwrights, human male and
female artisans; two apprentices, human male and female commoners, and a
laborer, human male commoner.

16. Dagmar's General Store. Most kinds of merchandise can be found in this
three-story emporium. The owner, Dagmar, a 34-year-old human female
merchant-warrior, is one of the few villagers in Sentinel City who likes and
gets along well with the members of the Northern Circle who pass through
town. She also is the only villager who is welcome in Adam's Tavern
(Location No. 10). The members of the Northern Circle are good customers
who bring valuable old gold pieces of the fallen AEsir Empire to her. But
more than that, the circle members strike a chord within Dagmar. If they
were to invite her, Dagmar would drop everything in Sentinel City to join
them as a member of the circle in the ruins of the fallen empire. However,
no such invitation ever has been issued. It also is unlikely that one is
forthcoming. In Sentinel City, Dagmar employs a bookkeeper, human female
merchant; six salespersons, human male and female commoners, and a laborer,
human male commoner.

17. Town Hall. The high rule of Sentinel City is in the hands of Margrave
Ignác, but the head of the city on a day-to-day basis is Burgomaster Pavla,
a 56-year-old human female merchant. She also is over the town watch,
commanded by Vincenc, a 45-year-old human male warrior. In the town hall
Pavla employs two clerks, human male and female merchants; four tax
collectors, human male and female merchants, and four laborers, human male
and female commoners. The watch has 12 members, all human male and female

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