[nbos] Speaking of 3ds files....
Tom B
Wed Apr 18th, 2012
Anyone have any idea what limits AS3 may place on the size or
characteristics of imported 3ds files for images for things like space

I've pulled down several 3ds files from publicly available collections and
tried to figure out how to make them available for use in AS3 (I have a lot
of spin-hab stations in my current sci-fi RPG). I've had no luck so far.

Some 3ds models seem to come as a single file, others as a zip with a pile
of other ancillary files that appear to contain portions of textures, etc.
I've not been able to get either successfully imported into AS3. Then
again, I'm guessing as to how this process is done.... so that is half the

Anyone tried this and know how to do it? Or have any insight on any limits
that AS3 may impose?

Tom B

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