Re: [nbos] Sector Report does not include planetary surface maps
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Apr 16th, 2012
I share your feelings about AS3. I have been trying to get it to run on my
Linux OS partition without success so far. I'm working with Dalton Calford
to see if we can make it work under Kubuntu Linux using "playonlinux" which
I think is a version or type of Wine.

I was previously trying Wine itself on the Ubuntu Linux OS but had problems
as soon as I used the System Data facilities.



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Subject: [nbos] Sector Report does not include planetary surface maps

I have generated surface maps for all of the planets and moons in a system
and selected the system for export as a sector report. I checked "Include
existing planetary surface maps in report" but no planetary surface reports
are included in the report.

Also, small bodies only include their name in the sector report with no
explanation or indication what it means, it looks like information was left


85 Pegasi I.2

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