Re: [nbos] AstroSynthesis 3 Search facility, etc.
Andrew Staples
Tue Apr 10th, 2012
I'm not sure either. We may have - I've been mucking about with star data
and the Near Star List for many years - without much to show for it. :D

You can get the gliese 2 data from Winchell Chung's 3D starmapping site
(which is an all-round wonderful resource which should be loved and
bookmarked by any Astrosynthesis user).

Gliese 2 data is here:

Winchell's main star-mapping site is here:

I should note that it was Winchell's recommendation on the Hero Games
discussion boards (where he is known as Nyrath) that got me into

His Atomic Rockets subsite is also exceedingly cool for people who want to
insert a little science into their SF:

On 10 April 2012 22:48, Mike Oliver <> wrote:

> Hi Andrew:
> I have a feeling we’ve communicated previously – on this subject? Not sure.
> <snip>
Andrew Staples

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