[nbos] 2300 AD/Traveller 2300 starmaps
Tom B
Tue Apr 10th, 2012
When it comes to star maps, an indispensable place to visit is Winchell
Chung's site (Nyrath the Nearly Wise). Winchell and SF go way back (to
SJG's Ogre days) and he's been big into helping SF authors get their
starmaps workable (as well as other bits of science).


The whole site he has is quite a fun read. There's links from there
somewhere that lead to a set of design pages for laser systems that is one
of the most interesting sci-fi weapon related reads I've had in a long time
as well.

Anyway, that might help you with lots of links to key stellar cartography

This links to starmaps of a lot of sci-fi books:

This might be a little dated but was useful to me at one time:

I'm sure I've come across some online 3D starmaps (maybe the one from
NASA?) that brings in data from several major catalog sets with
identifiers.... but now I forget which site it was.....

One thing to recall about 2300 AD maps: They were done commercially and
thus there was an incentive to throw in a few non-existent stars so that
you'd know if someone ripped off your data. So you may never be able to
locate a handful of the stars on the T2300 map/dataset. Just be aware of

Tom B

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