[nbos] AstroSynthesis 3 Search facility, etc.
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Apr 10th, 2012
I've just resurrected an earlier project to produce an AS3 map of the real
universe to 50 light years out from Sol for Traveller 2300AD (T2300). I am
using the Kepner_50lyr_stars CSV files provided very kindly by a member of
these lists as the sector file and endeavouring to identify the star systems
from the Near Star List provided with the T2300 game.

I have two problems for which I am seeking help:

1. The Game uses the old Gliese Star Catalogue to identify the systems
but the Kepner file uses Hipparcos, Henry Draper and other catalogues. I
can't find a means of marrying the various catalogue references.

2. When I try to use the Search facility in AS3 to locate systems by
the catalogue number, it returns an error message: 'Unknown search term near
" hd" ' (for the Henry Draper catalogue numbers).

Can anyone please offer some suggestions as to how I can resolve these
issues? If I can get the project finished, I'll put it up for other members
to download (which I had promised to do when I first embarked on the project
4 or 5 years ago. I think Doug Jesse and Roland Volz had expressed an
interest at that time.




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