Re: [nbos] FM8 - Linux problem
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Mar 20th, 2012
Hi Dalton:

Thanks for that. I’ll have a look at Kubuntu. One thing I wasn’t keen on
with Ubuntu 11.10 (which I removed and replaced with 10.04) was the desktop
environment – the user interface was abysmal. I’ve been told that Kubuntu
uses something similar to the Gnome desktop which I preferred. Have you
tried FM8 on the system?

By the way, I apologise for not catching up with you on the database
teach-in. There was a family problem which took me away from home and I
didn’t like to ask for a resumption of our conversation after so long
without contact.



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Hi Mike,

I have had some success with AS3 but I am running Kubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 and I
have the playonlinux system installed – which includes the latest versions
of Wine with the 64 bit wine compatibility layers.

Hope that helps



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Subject: [nbos] FM8 - Linux problem



As some of you may know, I have been experimenting with using AS3 and FM8,
on my Toshiba NB100 notebook with Ubuntu Linux OS (V 10.04) running under
"Wine" Windows emulator. I had to abandon the attempt with AS3 - it
installed and seemed to run OK but, as soon as I tried to access the System
Data panel, everything crashed.

However, I've had more luck with FM8 and this seemed to go reasonably well
until I loaded an existing map which uses a range of symbols I produced
myself. I put the folder containing these symbols in the MapArt folder with
the standard NBOS symbols and the folder duly appeared for selection in FM8.
However, some of my symbols had become rotated through 90° (anticlockwise)
and nothing I do seems to change this. Also, not all the NBOS “standard”
symbols seem to appear for selection when the appropriate symbol folder is

I recall before I upgraded my Ubuntu OS from V 8.04, I had a problem with
symbols not being transferred from the selection panel on to the map and I
had to put a .dll file into the NBOS folder somewhere.

Does anyone know if I might be having a similar problem now or whether it is
something else that I might be able to correct?



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