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"Richard Leclercq "
Sat Jan 14th, 2012
I am not much of a programmer any more. (Fortran, COBOL) I am not savvy to what OS is best. I follow the herd because this is best for me. A cluster of android apps would be my desired outcome. (Die Roller!!!)

I have no artistic talent. I can draw flies with honey. That said, I have PUBLISHED maps I have drawn on FWE and FM.
For miniatures games I have taken digital pictures of the main map for a background; smaller pictures for terrain features and even playing pieces. Using FM and the pictures I can save games between sessions, allow for hidden movement, assist with set-up, and even do play-by-e-mail.
With AS; FWE and FM I can (and have) created small galaxies where I can zoom in to a henhouse.
I have long desired a viewer: a version with full-features except the ability to create/edit.
A mobile/portable version that would piggy-back off of the full PC version would be great. I could work o fussy details remotely.

A version that could link tablets and/or smart phones and/or PCs, and allow games (just about) anywhere might re-vivify role play and paper-and-pencil games.

Let me know what a myopic dyslexic dinosaur can do.
Put it on android and I will buy it.
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