Re: [nbos] [AS] iOS viewer app?
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Jan 10th, 2012
That sounds encouraging. I use Pocket Cloud to access my PC from my
Android and can run AS3 or FM8 that way but the screen size is a bit
limiting (7") although it is possible to zoom in.

I've never tried to use the software in the manner you describe - I no
longer participate in RPGaming - but it sounds fascinating. I'm not sure
what AR stands for but I think I get the picture. My main use of AS3 is
to indulge in flights of fancy and to try to produce sector maps
conforming to fictional SciFi. I did some of the Star Trek universe,
building parts of Alpha and Beta quadrants using the Kepler 1000 nearest
stars map from the NBOS website. Sadly, the Star Trek designers don't
try to keep to real space for everything - just some parts - so the
Klingon and Romulan Empires don't look like realistic empires with the
Neutral Zone impossible to show correctly. But it was fun trying.

Let's keep fingers crossed that Ed at NBOS is sympathetic to the idea
and prepared to cooperate and that some way can be found to finance the
project - what about inviting pre-release subscriptions from NBOS users
made to NBOS and held by them so that contributors get the app when it
happens and money can be released for development as required with the
proper budgetary controls in place.



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The kind of control you're talking about is very possible with enough
cooperation or through the hard work of NBOS. Of course nothing would
happen without their blessing.

Ideally, an app would know how to talk to the NBOS application of
The networking would be an integral part of both the mobile app and the
app. They would talk to each other easily. Logging in could be made to
automatic (with security steps). We've done this a couple of times with

various apps, and we even have our own networking solution that handles

this kind of thing.

For either FM8 or AS3, the GM would be able to use menu and other
to define what it is the players got to see. If the players were also on

mobile devices, or if they were using a shared projector or any
combination or laptops or whatever. The player's visible area, visible
options, hell.... even the camera itself could be controlled by the GM.

Also, using AR would allow the GM to set up a solar system or terrain
with 3d models on it... then the players would be able to view this map
a scaled diorama on the play surface in front of them. My dream setup
I'm working on this in my spare time) is to have a projected map on the

playing surface which is a marker for an AR scene. This AR scene only
contains the miniatures and sets that the players are interacting with.

These objects are manipulated by their owners (just like MapTool
The whole thing looks like Holo Chess, when viewed through a mobile

However with no funding a working prototype is months off at least.

As far as the demands on the mobile device is concerned, most Android
phones that run ARM7 processors would be fine with this. Any iOS device

with a rear-camera and iOS 4.3 or better installed would be fine too.


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