[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #40 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Mon Dec 5th, 2011
This week, with our 40th Joerdhgardh (TM) Map of the Week, we continue
looking at the last of the eight dark draug settlements in the ruins of the
fallen AEsir Empire, the ruins of Garndi's Crossing. Our focus this week is
on the tower of the ruling dark draug Mısing. During the great wars,
Mısing, the baron of Garndi's Crossing, went over to the Darkness and allied
with the high draug Martroedh, who made of Mısing one of the nine dark
draugs. (A dark draug is similar to an OGL 3.5 lich.) As a result, Mısing
sacrificed his free will and bound it to that of the greater Darkness and
Martroedh. The high draug fell, but Mısing still is a slave of the
Darkness. He has no desire to turn from evil, but he hopes to regain his
free will.

Although Garndi's Crossings no longer exists, Mısing still claims to rule
it, and he still insists that his followers address him with his noble
title, baron. That following is a collection of lesser draugs who survived
the wars and who remained bound to his will now as they were before
Martroedh's fall and of evil Slovánski humans who have joined in the baron's
new crusade to shed his shackles of Dark domination.

All draugs are to a certain extent insane. Transfiguration into an undead
robs a human soul of some of its sanity and makes of it a chaotic creature.
Mısing appears to be more insane than any of the other eight dark draugs,
and that manifests itself nowhere so much is in his theory of the nature of
life. He has come to believe that the spark of life is the spark of
lightning. Thunderstorms occur, according to Mısing's teachings, as a
natural process that continually renews the energy of life within the

Thus, like Dr. Frankenstein in the book of the same name by 19th Century
author Mary Shelley, Mısing is convinced that he can use lightning to infuse
life into a body that no longer is alive. His theory also is that - once he
has this technique perfected - he can apply lightning to himself, to restore
him from undeath to life. Then, he believes, he will be able to reclaim his
own free will, because he no longer will be a draug. After that, he intends
to have his followers make a god of him. The red draugs in the tower
perform experiments and "interrogate" prisoners for the master, Mısing.

Key to the Dungeon Plan of Mısing's Tower

Cellar: None

Ground Floor

The second story is 30 feet/9 m above the ground floor. This makes the
ceiling difficult to see from this level.

1. Entry. Immediately inside the door, a Circle of Endings is carved into
the flower. It unleashes the spell Destruction upon living and Draug
Destruction upon undead that cross the threshold. Three orc warriors always
are on guard here.

2. Holding Area. Manacles embedded in the walls hold the prisoners in
place. This area is used to hold prisoners who have been brought up from
the cellar of the red draugs' tower to be used in Mısing's experiments.

3. Spiral Stairway. From the ground floor upward.

Second Story Floor

There are no floors for 30 feet/9 m above the ground level. This is the
first floor above the ground floor. This level comprises Mısing's private
quarters, library and treasury.

4. Entry. An orc warrior always is on guard here.

5. Mısing's Quarters and library. This level contains filled bookshelves
and three working desks.

6. Reading Table. The books Mısing most frequently consults are upon this
large table.

7. Mısing's Treasure. A large pile of old coins of the AEsir Empire, other
objects of value and three chests make up the dark draug's treasure.

Third Story Floor

This floor is 10 feet/3 m above the second story. It is Mısing's working

8. Entry. Immediately inside the door is another Circle of Endings that
has been carved into the flower. It unleashes the spell Destruction upon
living and Draug Destruction upon undead that cross the threshold. No orc
warriors are stationed above the second story.

9. Potion Distillery. There are three large objects in this area, staring
from the top and going downward: A potion still, a laboratory table and a
small table with scales, mortar and pestle and glass jugs and a ceramic urn
filled with finished black necromantic potions.

10. Enshrouding Table. When prisoners have been in Mısing's compound so
long that their lives begin to yield to the life-destroying black
necromantic aura that blankets the area, Mısing has them slain and then uses
magical potions to keep the corpses intact. After preparing the corpses
with the potions, he enshrouds them here in magic-protected shrouds that
keep parasites and fungus from destroying the bodies. They then are buried
on the grounds of the complex until he has need for them.

11. Operating Table. Living prisoners who are subjected to Mısing's
experiments are manacled to the operating table, where the dark draug does
his work.

12. Dissection Table. When experimenting, Mısing dissects the parts of his
victims' bodies here.

13. Stairway to the 4th Story.

14. Stored Black Necromantic Potions.

Fourth Story Floor

This floor is 10 feet/3 m above the third story. It is Mısing's incarnation

15. Stairway to the 3rd Story.

16. Lightning Incarnator.

17. Magical Circles.

18. Incarnation Slab.

19. Mısing's Workbench.

You can get these map in two versions from the Joerdhgardh website:

1. The original Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 maps in FMP format, fully editable,
from our Joerdhgardh web page (13 MB). This version includes a 14-page PDF
pamphlet that tells you how to use the map in FM8.

2. As four JPG flat maps, each of 1024 x 970 pixels (Zip total 2.8 MB)

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh web site.

The Joerdhgardh web site:


Next Week: Garndi's Crossing: The Temple of the Rising Darkness (The last
map from the ruins of the AEsir Empire. New territory will follow.)

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