Re: [nbos] Astro3 Update (Beta)
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Mon Dec 5th, 2011

Has anyone had any problems with this beta of the update? I'm hoping
silence means all the changes work as advertised. :-)


At 01:24 AM 11/30/2011, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Here's a beta of the upcoming update to Astro3. This is the actual exe,
>not an installer, so just replace your current Astro3.exe with this
>one. It requires the license file that ships with the full version.
>This is beta, so I'm looking for Astro3 owners willing to give it a quick
>test before it gets rolled out to everyone via the web update.
>Here's the changes in this update:
>3.01b open
>[fixed] Political Affiliation lists werent properly re-loading with the
>[fixed] Using save-as wasnt always completely saving the sector to the new
>[changed] Added rotation information to star generation. This allows some
>stars to spin counter-clockwise (negative rotation), and thus a pro-grade
>planetary orbit will move in that direction, as is the case in our own star
>[fixed] Sectors loaded from templates were not saving correctly.
>[changed] The lower end of frequency slider on the New Sector window allows
>for lower density placements.
>[fixed] System generator was not respecting the 'generate populations'
>[added] Added a 'Generate System Contents (Keep Name)' item on the popup
>menu to let you generate system contents without changing the system name.
>[fixed] Sector custom fields were not saving and loading correctly.
>[added] Path for storing FT planets can now be set on a sector-by-sector
>basis to make files easier to manage.
>[changed] Astro now looks for FT3 registry keys when it starts.
>[fixed] Access violation on startup if FT is installed before any version
>of AS has been installed and run.
>Let me know if you encounter any problems! You can email any
>comments/problems/successes to the support address,
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