[nbos] [FM8] Putting an Object under Water
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Nov 20th, 2011
Here's an FM8 problem that was queried at the Cartographers Guild. I thought
I'd post our solution here in case anyone else is seeking a way to this end.
Here's the original query:

I've been struggling with creating just-under-the-water-features like reefs,
sunken islands chains and the like. All the images I've found on Google show
them clearly - I'm just not finding a technique to recreate them properly.
Some seem to be only a couple feet under water, and close enough to the
surface that a person could walk across them if they wanted.

When I want to put something under water in FM8, I:

1) Put the water onto the map first.

2) Put the object that's supposed to be under water on top of the water.

3) With the intended underwater object marked, I move the transparency
slider to the left until I have exactly the underwater effect I'm seeking.

I'm not sure if that will solve your problem, but up until now, it's always
given us exactly what we've been seeking.

Mark Oliva
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