Re: [nbos] AstroSynthesis 3.0 now available!
"Cam Kirmser"
Sun Oct 9th, 2011
> I believe (aka, not exactly factual) that the 3.0's search engine and file
> are much more disk based (thus less memory based) than 2.0 was. Since
> is ~100x to ~1000x slower than memory.... we're seeing slowdowns. That's
> my guess at least :)

Appears to have been it. I had to wait about 5+ minutes for the search to
complete, but it finally did. I guess I'll have to pare down my sector some
to make it useable. But, even with it scaled down from 119,000 systems to
~78,000, it still takes minutes to do a search on the Name field. That may
be a problem, especially when AS2 was so much faster.

Next issue: when I try to use my own image instead of the default for a
Space Station, it still shows the default. I tried restarting AS3, but still
the default image. However, on the Properties screen, under the Image
Preview tab, the custom image shows just fine. Under the Model and Blazon
tab, I've selected "(none)" in the 3D Model combobox and hit "Ok," but it
returns to "default.3ds" whenever I reopen the properties.

I've got a 3d model in work, but for now, I need to just use the 2d jpg.

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