[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #23 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Mon Aug 8th, 2011
The 23rd Joerdhgardh (TM) Map-of-the-Week release shows the dungeon levels
of the ruins of the AEsir Empire village of Gárdh's Crossing. There is
little left of the village, as far as the eye can see at first. However,
the dark draug Nárgul has his dungeon lair 100 feet/30 m beneath the
surface. There are no physical paths to the dungeon levels. They can be
reached only by magic.

However, there is a magical trap on the surface level that will whisk
unwitting and unwilling adventurers from the surface into the dungeon. It
is in the small half ring of stones in the upper left corner of the map (see
last week's release). Anyone who ventures within this half ring of stones
will be teleporterd automatically to the dungeon below.

The graphic above is reduced in size. You can get the full-sized version of
these two floor plans in two options from the Joerdhgardh website::

1. As JPG flat maps, each 1360 x 1020 pixels (1.9 MB combined), available


2. The original FM8 map in FMP format, fully editable, from our Joerdhgardh
web page (32 MB). This version includes PDF pamphlets that tell you how to
use the layers that are built into the maps. PLEASE NOTE: This version
also contains the surface level that comprises last week's map! You need
download only once.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, there were errors in last week's release of the
FM8 FMP version. If you downloaded it before Sunday, August 7, please
download again to get the corrected version!


Upper Dungeon Level Plan

• 1. Cells for Experiment Candidates. Prisoners who were next in line for
black necromantic experiments were kept in these cells. The bars of the
cells are made of lead, to prevent magic-using prisoners from casting spalls
into areas outside of their cells.

• 2. Gibbets. Some of Nargúl's experiments involved observing how
prisoners died under various circumstances, usually as the result of his
black necromantic magic. The bars of the gibbets are made of lead, to
prevent magic-using prisoners from casting spells into areas outside of
their gibbets.

• 3. Nargúl's Treasure Chamber. Nargúl should have a rich treasure. The
game master should determine the chamber's precise contents, based upon the
needs of his or her campaign.

• 4. Nargúl's Library. Most of the tomes should deal with black
necromantic magic.

• 5. Nargúl's Workshop. This is where the dark draug does his magical
research and experimenting.

Lower Dungeon Level Plan

• 6. Magical Teleport Circle. This is a one-way permanent teleportation
circle. It teleports humans, half-elves and halflings who enter the trap on
the surface into the dungeon. It will not teleport anything back to the

• 7. Reception Cage. This cell includes the caged area over Location 6,
the teleport circle. Prisoners are held here until Nargúl enters the
dungeon and moves them to other cells. The bars of the cell are made of
lead, to prevent magic-using prisoners from casting spells into areas
outside of the cell.

• 8. Stairway to Upper Dungeon Level.

• 9. Holding Cells. Prisoners are kept here until they are taken to their
lives' final destination, the cells for victims of experiments on the upper
level. The bars of the cells are made of lead, to prevent magic-using
prisoners from casting spalls into areas outside of their cells.

• 10. Information Center. That's Nargúl's name for it. It's the torture
chamber where Nargúl draws information from prisoners who are unwilling to
give it.

• 11. Nargúl's Teleport Circle. This circle is attuned to transport anyone
to a known surface location who speaks the trigger word, Endalausnótt
(Endless Night).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh web site.

The Joerdhgardh web site:


Next Week: Morgurdh's Subterranean Lair, Part 1

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