Re: [nbos] Backsave FM8 to FM7
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Tue May 31st, 2011

Its no problem, I'll send you an FM7 download. It'll be in a followup email.

At 11:28 AM 5/30/2011, you wrote:
>Ug. That's a really big problem. I need to edit this file to fix a problem
>for him and then hand it back to him for further editing.
>For a registered owner of FM8 (I can send details separately) would it be
>possible to get a copy of FM7 to install?
>I'll see about getting him to upgrade as a better option, but I think he was
>having some trouble getting FM8 and AS2 running on 64-bit Windows 7.
>Whether or not that was specifically a program issue or something on the
>user side, I'm not as certain.
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>> >How do I export or back-save to the older version so he can read and edit
>> >the file I'm modifying for him?
>> FM8 cannot create files that are readable by older versions.
>> If they need to just view the map, they can use the FM8 trial version.
>> Ed
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