Re: [nbos] Astro v3.0 Beta Testing
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Mon Feb 21st, 2011

>Ed, is the feature list on Astro 3 locked in place I notice some of the
>stuff we've been asking for a while is in there ie the 3D views and
>Orbital views being shown on the main 3d Starmap.. etc is the Graphics
>backend a rewrite? Or just progression.. because one thing I'd really like
>to see is the possibility of being able to add in dynamic 'arrows' for
>lack of a better word over time etc..

The 3d graphics engine itself is essentially the same, though there's been
several rounds of optimizing on it.

The feature set is more or less in place, but I'm always open to new
ideas. For example, someone recently asked for background images on the 3d
maps, which has been added in to v3 (The star maps look *really* cool with
slick looking background 'nebula'). Just send an email (yourself or anyone
else) describing what you are looking for. I cant promise anything as
there's certain limits I have to work within, but I can certainly take a look.

>It's just a request ;) the other thing would be able to show comets etc
>but hopefully can do that with the new meshes..

You could certainly set up a elliptical orbit & display a model. The
orbital display does show them. ie, you can see stations and ships orbit

>What format is going to be required for those and what will it support. I
>would highly recommend FBX or Collada as the formats given they have
>become the new

Quite a few formats, actually. Richard K is making some great looking ship
models for Astro3, and for that we've more or less consolidated on
.obj. But Collada, 3ds, and a few others are also supported.


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