[nbos] Astro v3.0 Beta Testing
NBOS Support
Sun Feb 20th, 2011
Hi Folks,

Oh, yes, you read right! If you are interested in joining the upcoming
beta testing, please email the support address (support2-at-nbos.com) with
'Astro Beta' in the subject. Testers should already be very familiar with
Astro2, and be able to put the beta through its paces.

Highlights of the upcoming v3 (by no means an exhaustive list)
- the 3d star map and orbital views are both shown in the main window
- the preview areas are themselves 3d areas, so you can rotate and pan
around on previews
- 3D models for ships and stations
- On the fly planet preview generation for planets and gas giants. You no
longer need to select 'create surface map', it automatically creates them
(much, much faster than in v2)
- You can tell the generator the desired frequencies of different types of
- a 100% new storage system using an SQL database engine (SQLite) for
maximum reliability.

Its still some weeks away before beta testing begins, so if you dont hear
right back dont worry. But I'd like to get going on building a list of



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