Re: [nbos] Carrying less physical stuff to game
Dustin Evermore
Sun Jul 11th, 2010
PDFs work pretty well for me since I use an iPad or iPhone while gaming. These devices use far less space at my gaming table, which is crowded.

As a player, however, a simple paper sheet is best. Only as a GM or DM do I requires piles of notes, books on PDF and map references in a compressed form (electronic device). That way I have the most space possible for my large laminated maps for players to shove their minis and starships around on. :)


On Jul 11, 2010, at 8:56 AM, Doyle West wrote:

> Not gonna happen in a pdf. besides, if you have the computer to run the pdf, why not just run the actual program? that's what i'm failing to track with.

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