Re: [nbos] Carrying less physical stuff to game
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Jun 29th, 2010
A plea from a luddite non-tecchie:

If NBOS goes off on a tangent, doing stuff for mobile Ďphones and their more
recent spin-offs, please will they not forget those of us who have problems
with even the oldest mobile technology and anyway canít afford £200 every
time some manufacturer decides they want to cream off some more profit from
the unsuspecting public (how much longer are they going to be
unsuspecting?). By all means make the odd trip down these side alleys but
bear in mind there are those of us who canít afford and may have no wish to
embrace each new electronic gadget as it appears. Not all of us have
unlimited funds or run IT departments in major commercial operations so
donít always have the need or knowledge to utilise them :-)



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I have two things I'd like to see:

A: A way of saving my NBOS material into a .pdf so that it can be run with
full features but not modified. This means: I can save it to a thumb drive
or the memory card of my smart phone and run it on a machine at my FLGS or a
friends place.

B: maybe it is time to think about apps for smart phones and for the new
ipad. however, i must beg, pretty please with sugar and chocolate:

Not everyone has apple stuff. Please look at blackberry (my brand) android
or the others.

Corollary: is there a good die-roll program/app for a blackberry?

Richard K. Leclercq


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