[nbos] Boxes from the scenario builder
"Göran Uddeborg"
Tue Jun 22nd, 2010
I've started experimenting with the scenarion builder, a tool I
haven't used before. It works nicely for the most part, but there is
a little detail I'm not sure about.

The block text is displayed inside a box, with the excerpt from the
map on the side. That looks nice. But the box is not just around the
text, but also goes into the picture, and crosses the frame around the
picture. That doesn't look quite right. I enclose an example. The
text is in Swedish, but it doesn't matter for this discussion.

Is it expected to look like this, or am I doing something wrong? Is
it possible to adjust in some way? Could it be a browser issue? I'm
using Firefox 3.6. (On Linux, if that matters.)

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