[nbos] [AS2] Brad Fletcher: TradeRoutes V3
Alan Bartholet
Sat Feb 13th, 2010
Hello Brad,
Thanks to Alvin Plummer I was able to identify a bug in my Plot
Jump Routes plugin that I believe also affects your Trade Routes
plugin. The Route class has an undocumented Property called Modified,
this needs to be set to true otherwise AS will not save the new route
if the sector has been previously saved. I haven't tested this on
yours yet but this is the basic rundown of what was happening to mine.

1) Generated a new sector.
2) Added some routes with my plugin.
3) Saved the sector.
4) Loaded the sector, the routes I had created were still there.
5) Added some more routes with my plugin.
6) Saved the sector.
7) Loaded the sector, the old routes were still there but the new ones
hadn't been saved.
8) Added new routes again with my plugin.
9) Used "Save as..." to save the sector as a new file.
10) Loaded the new sector file, both old and new routes were saved.

So the new routes were not getting flagged as needing to be saved when
saving to the same sector file. After much poking around I found the
Modified Property and after setting it to true the routes now save
properly. Hope this helps you out.

Best Regards,
Alan Bartholet
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