Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback
"Dalton Calford"
Tue Dec 29th, 2009
Thanks, reviewing it now.

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Subject: Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback

Just a FYI.. the entire set.. that I did for the 500, 1,000 10,000 etc ...
I've already got it in SQL format ;) if any one wants it.

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If you post the logic behind what you are doing, I will put it into a
firebird SQL database.
Firebird is free, fast and VERY powerful.
We use it for realtime mission critical systems (I work for a phone company
and it runs the telco switches).

As AS3 looks to be going the SQL route, it would be easy for me to dump the
results directly into the AS file format.

The other benefit is, since I have the servers, I can run the calculations
VERY quickly (having a bank of servers in your office has some benefits).

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Sent: December 19, 2009 11:39 AM
Subject: Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback

I've attached a file that I use to convert RA, Dec and Dist into X, Y, Z and
reverse. This collection of functions are for Excel, just paste them into
your VBasic editor and enable macros.

The two relevant routines are rectangular() and spherical(). It is important
to note that the above two functions are just coordinate conversion
routines. They are generic and need two other functions - RA2Deg() and
Deg2RA() - to convert RA to and from degrees (recall that RA is based on a
clock with 24 major divisions divided into 60 minutes each of 60 seconds and
degrees have 360 degrees, so they need a conversion to and from).

Bear in mind that RA and DEC are equatorial coordinates; in other words,
their base plane is coincident with the Earth's equator. If you want your
base plane to be the Galactic equator, there are additional conversions to
make. But, this is mainly cosmetic. All converting from Equatorial to
Galactic does is rotate the axis a mite.

If you want an accurate map, just the RA, Dec and Dist won't be enough. You
also need their proper motion and use that data to adjust the X, Y, Z
coordinates appropriately according to their distance. Otherwise, you'll
just have a position that relates to where they are seen from Earth, not
where they actually are. And, for a game with star drives - Traveller, Star
Trek, Babylon Five, Ringworld, whatever - each star's ACTUAL position is
needed, not their APPARENT position.

I am in the process of making an Access database that will correct the
position of each star based upon its proper motion and the time of the
individual campaign. This uses a baseline database I found that has about
118,000 entries for 1000ly around Earth using the Hipparcos, Yale and Gliese
catalogs. It's slow going because of real life issues, but when I'm finished
I can see if it's something that can be attached to an email and post it
here. Or, I can see if I can post it to the NBOS download site.

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Subject: Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback

>I had started it awhile back but gave up after the third search led to
>no identifiable star.
> I was using the kepner_1000lyr_stars.csv and getting the exosolar
> planets data from
> and
> to be done
> next and with
> planned on being done last.
> The problem that I have is with star named WASP 1, WASP 18, XO3, ect.
> For me to enter them, I need to convert the RA and Dec to something in
> Could someone make a converter? Or point me to one that doesn't need
> a thick instruction manual.
> I don't have a problem with finding the BD, CPD, CoD, HD, HIP, they
> are all in the csv and I can find them once in a while in the stars
> "Other designations" box, but even then it has holes as HIP 7513 isn't
> listed.
> But its going to be a while before I get time to figure out how to do
> the rest.
> Terry
> On Sat, 12 Dec 2009 04:06:05 +0000, <> wrote:
>>Hello all,
>> ... Snip
>>2) Not really a generator question, but I don't suppose anyone has
>>input all known exoplanet data into a real stars dataset..? A bit like
>>painting the Forth Bridge as new data are always coming through, but
>>it would be quite satisfying to have!
> --
> Terry FitzSimons
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