Re: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback
"Dalton Calford"
Sun Dec 13th, 2009
Hi Ed,

I would like to see some values for a planet, OTHER than population.


The first tells us how much life is on the planet - is it a barren rock or a teeming mass of life.
The second tells us how much variation will be found between the various life forms. Are they all the same basic life form or is every creature you meet a different species.
The third tells us if the whole planet is filled with simple single cell life forms or if it has reached the pinnacle of evolution.

So, from the above, we can tell where the home planets are vs where the potential garden planets or rock balls are.

So even with a high "Terriforming" value, we don't have every system being a clone of the next.

The second set of values relate to the "Value" of the planet.

Mineral Index
Mineral Diversity
Mineral Specials

The mineral index gives a relative value to the amount of easily accessible minerals there are - most systems should be average.
The mineral diversity tells us what percentage of the minerals are precious vs common.
The mineral specials tells us what systems contain minerals that are extreamly rare if not unique.

>From a standpoint of new objects, I would like to see dust clouds/nebula areas of high and low space density (earth is in a rough 20ly bubble of low density space) etc. The high and low density values would affect distance traveled by various means, while dust clouds and other spacial junk acts as terrain in limiting travel in ways other than the range of space travel.

>From the above, you get a more detailed, richer map than just a bunch of stars with planets.

just my 2cents worth.


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Subject: [nbos] Astro sector generator feedback

Hi All,

I'm seeking some feedback on Astro2's sector generator. What sort of
enhancements/changes would you like to see? New types of
objects? Particular new data fields? Are there any glaring
technical/scientific issues to whats being generated?

Before you answer, here's a couple items already implemented or planned for
the next version:

- The generator now runs in the background. This means you can zoom/pan
around the map while the generator runs, and makes the program a lot more

- The generator has a new option to create a specific number of
systems. So rather than giving a sector size, you can tell it to make 1000
stars, and it will start generating from the center and expand out until
1000 are made.

- There'll be a new terraforming slider to control how much terraforming is
done. It'll range from 0 to 10, with 0 being no terraforming being done,
all the way to 10, basically sticking an Earth-like planet in every system.

- Based on new exoplanet discoveries, I'll be tweaking terrestrial planet
generation to allow for much larger terrestrial planets than can be
generated now.

So let me have it! Any and all feedback would be appreciated!


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