Re: [nbos] Astro feedback 3D minis (thread sidetrack)
Sat Dec 12th, 2009
Thanks for the mention,
I'm currently working on (what info I've found on) based upon the
"traveller" mini's (Imperium and Zhodani +) as part of a startup set of 3D
Also space-stations and satellite structures.

Curious tho, what kinds of 3D minis would people here want to see?
Email me with suggestions and please include pictures if available
Subject: 3D minis

Cant promise constructing everything requested, but I'll put the effort into
the most requested items.
Also this depends on Ed's success with the 3D implemetation, if all else
fails, it will make an extended 2D library of 3D renders for A3
~~Richard K~~

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> Interesting you'd mention 3d-objects :-) Actually, Richard K has made up
> a few testing objects for me. I dont know if I can apply them to things
> like nebula, but I hope to allow for 3d objects to be used, esp for ships
> and stations, both on the 3d map and in the preview map.

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