Re: [nbos] Astro3 Experimental Build
Alan Bartholet
Fri Nov 13th, 2009
Hello Nathan,
The results are not random, the problem is that if you do a search
it doesn't matter if you select the Search In Name or the Name and
Notes radio button it searches in the Notes anyways. If you look
through all the results they have 7513 somewhere in the Name or Notes.
You will get the same results in Astro2, I sent a bug report in for
this a while back.

I got the "Out of memory" error once but I haven't been able to figure
out the steps I took to reproduce it. Otherwise I haven't had any
problems with having to force quit.

System Details
Operating System: Windows XP Media Center Edition (service pack 3)
Processor: AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile
RAM: 1.87 GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce Go 6150

Best Regards,
Alan Bartholet

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 6:37 PM, Nathan Gerber <> wrote:
> I encountered several out of memory errors while putting it through a stress
> test. Here are the steps I took:
> 1) Downloaded Hip Cat beyond 10,000 LY data from NOX (
> )
> 2) Imported the data into Astro3.
> 3) Saved the data to a .AstroDB file on my desktop. (File Size: 45,163KB for
> .AstroDB vs 53,099KB for .sector)
> 4) Attempted to do a search and select a system for display. Search string:
> "7315"
> 5) Upon clicking a system (it ended up selecting ALOT seemingly from a
> random one that was visible on the screen). I then got regular alerts that
> said "Out of memory." It also gave me the spinning circle of doom
> indefinitely (10+ minutes).
> 6) Forced the program to close.
> 7) Started the program again.
> 8) Reopened the .AstroDB file for display.
> 9) Once loaded did a different search of the systems and got the same
> results. Search string: "- 7513"
> The program was using about 2GiB of RAM at the time of failure. I also went
> through and tested using Astro2 for the same process and things functioned
> just fine.
> My Setup:
> Windows 7 64-bit
> 12GiB RAM
> --
> Nathan Gerber
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