Re: [nbos] Astro3 Experimental Build
Thu Nov 12th, 2009
I've noticed my sector file is double the size with the new file format, tho
my original sector was only 2,394kb the new one ends up being 5970kb,
Attempting to reconstruct a 81MB sector file, noticed that Astro3 is
chugging at it at 3-5% of my CPU (Dual Core 2.5ghz) during the conversion.
I'm waiting for the mem usage to reach around double the filesize before I
shut it down. (this may take a but)

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Subject: [nbos] Astro3 Experimental Build

> To run this experimental build, run Astro3.exe.
> Let me know how it goes! If you want to look directly at the data in the
> database, you can use any database client that can view sqlite databases,
> including the command line client available from sqlite's web site.
> Ed
> ps: surface map generation is also significantly faster in this build as
> well as I've been optimizing some of those routines.
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