Re: [nbos] wacom tablets?
Tue Oct 13th, 2009
On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 08:23:17AM -0700, Richard wrote:
> The best way to gauge a tablet is put your hand over the surface
> with the pen, and see how much movement your hand creates when going
> over the surface.
> You can also draw out the different size area-rectangles on paper
> and pre-test how your pen and hand reach.
> Your comfort will be your best choice, in my opinion, the less wrist
> movement, the better.
> My 4x6 Graphire pad was an excellent fit for me, and I have good
> sized hands. I also used a larger pad a little later at a companies
> shop (that did trophy engraving) and discovered the real-estate
> problem and realized bigger was not actually better.

I ended up grabbing a 4x6 Intuos4 yesterday, and it feels about the
right size. It is in fact effectively smaller yet because it's set to
map to the entire desktop. With a dual-monitor setup, this means that
most of my action happens in the left half of the tablet workarea.

> Some info for those finding the right tablet:
> Some think that "tracing" on your pad (thus getting a bigger
> tablet), putting a sheet of paper on the tablet and tracing, is
> their plan... but truthfully tracing never really works except to
> rough-in the design.

I think I'd scan and redraw, to be honest.

> If you end up doing photo retouching or artwork like that, you will
> always end up zooming in with the application and working on
> details, even on a big tablet.

I need to do that anyway; world-level maps, even on my screen, make for
small shapes that need to be manipulated.

> If you are getting into professional work, a Cintiq is currently
> your best choice as it has higher pressure levels than a Tablet-PC,
> but in a Cintiq's case, bigger is not so bad, as you are working
> directly on the surface of an LCD. but the larger Cintiq's are
> almost $2500 with taxes and shipping (smaller is about $1200).
> Expensive, but your workflow is much faster (no retracing/refining
> on paper, no scanning and resizing, no recalibrating the
> brain/hand/eye) but no hard-copy physical materials and no wasted
> paper. Cuts down on a lot of cost in the long run. :)

I'm quite a ways from needing that. The Intuos was $300, that's enough
for me right now.

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