[nbos] [FM] Fractal Mapper 8.10f
"Göran Uddeborg"
Thu Jul 9th, 2009
NBOS Support writes:
> This is an updater/installer - just download and run.

A confusing thing happened when I ran it in a Wine installation.

After execution of the updater, I was left with a directory
{pf}/nbos/Mapper7 inside the Mapper8 directory. It contained the
files Mapper8.chm. Mapper8.exe. Mapper8.exe.001. NBOSUpdater.exe. and
update.dat. The base Program Files/nbos/Mapper8 was otherwise

I was a bit amused by the "Mapper7" part. :-)

Moving the files up from the {pf}/nbos/Mapper7 subdirectory apparently
gives me the updated version, so this is not a serious issue. (The
Mapper8.exe.001 file in the directory is a copy of the new version
though, not of the original. So if you really want a backup copy, you
need to be a bit more selective.) But it WAS slightly confusing at
first, so I thought I'd mention it here. Maybe someone can explain
it? (Or maybe someone is helped by noticing.)

By the way, 8.10f does indeed work around the problem with listing
fonts many times. In this version I see each font just once! :-)

This was using Wine 1.1.23 on Fedora.
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