[nbos] [bug] random symbol fill hangs FM8
Wed Jun 24th, 2009
Hi Ed,

I discovered that random symbol fill can hang FM8.

To reproduce:

. select random symbol fill tool
. select symbol or random set
. draw a straight vertical line
. watch the hourglass, then go for an infinite coffee

I'm using FM8.10f on quad core ia64, running XP x64 SP2 with 4GB RAM.

This does not appear to happen with straight horizontal lines (nothing
drawn), single points (nothing drawn), and the symbol/set drawn doesn't
seem to matter.

Keith Davies "I think everyone in a 4e D&D world must
keith.davies-at-kjdavies.org have a huuuuuge fear of heights."
keith.davies-at-gmail.com -- Violist, #nethack-ot-dnd IRC channel
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