[nbos] FM8 - Adding to existing map
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Jun 1st, 2009
My military map is now finished and I'm very pleased with the result.
FM8 enabled me to tackle the operation with very few hiccups on the way
and the learning curve was reassuringly shallow.

Basically, I am using File>>Place>> to insert a scanned bitmap of a
modern ordnance survey map of the area I am mapping and then "trace"
over the parts I want to keep (rivers, contours, etc.) and omit the
non-historical bits (like overland electrical cables), using FM8's
regular tools.

I now have to move on to the second map and require to use the eastern
part of the first map and then add to that to extend it further east.
I've tried a couple of methods but neither proved workable. Is this a
procedure that occurs often enough for a standard method to be used or
is there a work-around that anyone could suggest? I need to retain those
features I already put on the map and, as I say, extend it eatwards.


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