Re: [nbos] [FM] Raster Fill Workaround?
"Mark Oliva"
Thu May 21st, 2009
>> From: Dustin Evermore <>

The problem I've seen on a couple different maps today is that when I used
8.10f to attempt a raster fill, I got a long vertical bar. I had
assumed this to be true for everyone. However, recognizing that 8.10f is a
beta version of FM8 (if I recall correctly) that gets installed
with the (also beta) Updater program, I then went back to what I believe the
official release executable is -- 8.03d. This version had
no trouble at all with the raster fills so that's what I'm using on these

That's an interesting problem. None of the three of us developing maps for
the Vintyri (TM) Project nor friends that I have who use FM8 ever have had
such a problem. We use extensive raster fills with special effects and all
kinds of bells and whistles. So what you probably should do is send a
technical report to Ed Diana at:

and make available to him a copy of a map that manifests this problem. If
the raster fill is not from the FM8 installation package (in other words
from the CSUAC or elsewhere), you also need to send him a copy of the raster
fill file (.png or .jpg). He then can try to get to the bottom of the
problem. Seeing that no one else is reporting it, I suspect that the
problem is local. I already can think of about two dozen different things
that might be causing it, but such speculation is pointless. It's better to
let Ed tackle it.

Note that 8.10f seems to only be available with the beta updater, so I
presume it's still under development. 8.03d seems to be the latest official
release available in NBOS downloads

I don't think that's correct. If I understand Ed correctly, Version 8.10f,
Build 1370, is the current, official version of FM8. Only the installer is
at the beta stage.

I have so far had no issues whatsoever with this version -- very solid!

No, I think Ed will agree with me that 8.03d is a good build but it is less
than "very solid." There actually are several critical issues with versions
before 8.10f Build 1370 that are corrected in this new version. I've
discussed these issues with Ed and tested several non-public, interim builds
before 1370 that corrected these problems one at a time. Because we're
doing a very large project with FM8, I have tracking records for FM8 work
being done in three different countries with three different operating
systems in two different languages on six different computers.

All of us found the same issues with versions before 8.10f Build 1370. None
of us has experienced your raster fill problem, nor have I seen anyone else
post messages anywhere regarding such a problem.

I understand that you have a problem and that it needs a solution, and I
think you'll get one if you contact Ed. However, I would strongly recommend
that anyone else using FM8 go to the current update Version 8.10f Build
1370. It will save you a lot of trouble. As Ed pointed out, in some cases
maps made with previous versions may reach a physical size where they no
longer can be opened. That problem is resolved in the new version. There
also are a number of other important isssues in the previous versions. They
can lead you in some cases to having to redo parts of your maps. These
problems have been eliminated in Version 8.10f Build 1370.

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