Re: [nbos] FM8-Auto-Updater
"Mark Oliva"
Mon May 11th, 2009
Some of you may need to download updates from a computer other than the one
where FM8 is installed and then take them per USB stick etc. to the FM8
computer. I tried it, and the following worked:

1. Download the ZIP file, as usual.
2. Unzip it to your USB stick.
3. Run the file NBOSUpdater.exe from the USB stick. This will download the
files to your USB stick.

Once you have access to the FM8 computer:

4. Where X is the drive where FM8 is installed, open the folder:


5. Make archive copies of the files Mapper8.exe and Mapper8.chm. Remove
them from this folder.

6. From the USB stick, copy the files




After that, FM8 has been updated.

NOTE: If you use an international version of Windows, the folder "Programs"
might have a different name. Here in Germany it's called "Programme." If
you use Vista, it probably also has "x86" at the end of the name.

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