[nbos] Linux, Wine & FM8
"Mike Oliver"
Sat May 9th, 2009
I enquired a while back whether FM8 would work on Linux. At the time I
was having problems receiving the NBOS list communications and some of
the stuff I sent out might not have got to the list either.

I installed "Wine" under Ubuntu Linux on my little Toshiba NB100
notebook and have FM8 working almost perfectly. The only problem is with
some of the symbols which won't appear on the map when I place them. It
seems they are the .png files. Those which are .fmp files appear to
work. I can only think this may be some problem with the way Wine
handles picture files and I may need to do a little experimentation.



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1. Re: FM Work on 64-Bit OS (Keith Davies)
2. Re: 1st Vintyri Symbol Set Available (NBOS Support)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 12:27:38 -0700
From: Keith Davies <keith.davies-at-Kjdavies.org>
Subject: Re: [nbos] FM Work on 64-Bit OS
To: mark.oliva-at-steigerwaldedv.de, nbossoftware-at-nbos.com
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On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 05:24 +0200, Mark Oliva wrote:
> > "Russ"
> <<
> Hey, folks. Sorry for the question, but does anyone know if FM8 works
on a
> 64-bit platform. Thinking about getting a new computer, and really
> want to lose my favorite mapping software. :-)
> >>
> When you run FM8 on 64-Bit Vista and you have 8 GB memory, you get all
8 GB.
> If you run 32-bit Windows on the same machine, you get access to only
3.5 GB
> of the 8 GB that the machine has.
> One result is that 64-Bit Vista gives you noticeably more speed. With
> couple of really huge things that I did, FM8 reported too little
> available under 32-bit Windows XP Pro. I can boot either OS on my
> machine. When I did the same operations under 64-bit Vista, FM8
> them beautifully.
> Conclusion: I've found that without exception Vista 64 is the better
OS for
> FM8 with 8 GB memory. I don't like Vista, so FM8 is the only program
> which I use Vista regularly.

Hi Mark,

have you tried FM8 with XP Pro x64? There is 64-bit XP available. I've
only got 4GB RAM on my workstation, though, so I wouldn't see much of a
difference here.



Message: 2
Date: Fri, 08 May 2009 03:41:59 -0400
From: NBOS Support <support2-at-nbos.com>
Subject: Re: [nbos] 1st Vintyri Symbol Set Available
To: nbossoftware-at-nbos.com
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Outstanding Mark! I also really like the sample maps you placed on nox
well. Those look great and very authentic!

btw, I'm working on a minor FM update which should be available over the

next few weeks. Mostly an accumulation of fixes and changes, but a few
other additons as well such as special effects styles and a built in
software auto-updater.


At 07:14 AM 5/7/2009, you wrote:
>A bit earlier this year, I mentioned that the Vintyri Project is
producing a
>large Cartographic Collection of raster (PNG) symbols for use with
FM8. This
>collection will be released in several symbol sets. Symbol Set 1 for
>walls, towers and gates now is available for download. It consists of


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