Re: [nbos] FWE
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Mon Apr 13th, 2009

The FM maps that FWE generates are actually a text based version of FM's
normal format. So you can open them up in a text editor. If you open one
up, you'll see some 'span' settings at the top that can be edited to the
desired size. Just set them to the size you want in width and height, and
then set the span unit to what you want to use (ie, miles).


At 06:57 PM 4/10/2009, you wrote:
>All, or any one,
>Is there a setting to control the scale of the map exported from FWE to FM.
>I'm trying to design a game map in FWE then export it, but the exported map
>always comes into FM in feet. I'd like to have the map come into FM in miles.
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