[nbos] [CSD] Problem with drop down lists in text edit field with Character Sheet Designer.
"Mr. Grimm"
Sat Mar 28th, 2009
Hello all,

I hope I am emailing this to the right place. It's been a while since I have emailed the list. I have also posted this question on the forums as well to cover both avenues of support. But, on to the problem.

I am creating a simple character sheet for Sundered Skies a Savage Worlds campaign book. I am attempting to create drop down lists for things such as race and attributes. The race field works as I believe it should and the first two attributes (Agility and Smarts) work as well. The last three attributes (Strength, Spirit, Vigor ) do not. I have created the fields the same as the first two attributes and am attempting to associate them with the "Dice Designation" list like I do with the first two attributes but I can't even highlight them to edit them. I have tried deleting the fields and re-creating them to no avail. So, I am confused to what is happening or what I am doing wrong (it's more likely that I am doing something wrong). I'll gladly email the *.csd to anyone willing to fiddle with it.

Thanks in advance,

Mr. Grimm

P.S. is there away to easily make shapes other than a square, like triangles, diamonds or hexagons? I think you know where I am going with this.... ;)

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