[nbos] [FM8] Pathfinder & Joerdhgardh
"Mark Oliva"
Sat Mar 7th, 2009
This news release is of peripheral importance. I'm posting it here only
because of the potential value it may have to FM8 cartographers who game
within the OGL 3.5 system established by D&D (R) 3.5.

Paizo Publishing yesterday sent us an announcement that its licenses for
products that run under its Pathfinder (TM) game have been released. For
more direct information go to:


Pathfinder is basically an OGL 3.5 product largely compatible with the D&D
3.5 rules.

Some of you who have tested Dungeons Daring (TM) have told us that you
prefer sticking more within the realm of OGL 3.5 than using the (in some
respects substantially different) Dungeons Daring rules. However, you also
have said that you are interested in the Joerdhgardh campaign setting and
adventures that we now are developing on a free, open game content basis,
but you would like to see an OGL 3.5 version too.

We are giving careful and serious consideration to doing just that. We
passed the new Paizo licenses on to our attorney yesterday to get his advice
on how our plans and the Paizo licenses can get along with one another.

We have been developing Joerdhgardh all along with an eye on releasing
versions for Dungeons Daring and some OGL 3.5 variant. Because of that, we
will not need to modify any of the work that we've done to date to
accomodate a 3.5 product. The Joerdhgardh campaign setting will consist of
three PDF books:

1. The description of the lands, settlements, politics, etc.
2. A book with gaming statistics for everything.
3. The world's history.

Users will be able to download each book separately. Books 1 and 3 are
completely game system neutral. To accomodate a 3.5 system, we will have to
do only two versions of book 2.
Some additional free and open Joerdhgardh products also will include:

1. A PDF on how to map your own Joerdgardh scenarios and make your own FM8
raster symbols in our style.
2. A large set of Joerdhgardh mapping symbols and fills for the
cartographic programs Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 and Dundjinni (TM).
3. Downloadable, editable versions of the official Joerdhgardh maps in FM8

Dungeons Daring is offered by the Vintyri (TM) Project as an alternative,
not as a sole option. We look forward to offering Joerdhgardh in a OGL 3.5
version as well.

Please keep in mind that Dungeons Daring and Joerdhgardh are not commercial
products. The Vintyri Project is committed 100% to free, open gaming
products. We sell nothing and have no intention of selling anything.
That's why we have a .org address instead of a .com address.

Mark Oliva
Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)
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