Re: [nbos] OT: To any Victorian users here.
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Mar 3rd, 2009
Rob will know this from private correspondence but I visited Australia last
month and saw some of the devastation in Victoria first hand. Believe me, it
is HORRENDOUS and if anyone feels inclined to offer a few pounds or dollars,
it is sorely needed. We were able to make a donation as part of a collection
being made on a sheep station we visited. Some of the victims have been left
with NOTHING - except, in some cases, a lone chimney rising out of the
burned land like a folorn monument.

Banks are refusing to assist many of the victims who have loans and, in one
case, we heard of a couple who had received insurance money and wished to
pay off their mortgage so they could start afresh - and the bank told them
there would be a $25000 penalty for "early settlement"!!!!



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By now the world likely knows what is happening less then an hour south of

I want to let any one here who is in Victoria know that they are not alone,
the rest of Australia is thinking of them, if there is ANYTHING we can do
let us know.

My own sister almost lost her home on saturday.. so please if there is
anything I can do let me know, I'm not well off.. but I'm willing to help in

anyway I can.

-Rob Graham.

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