Re: [nbos] [AS] Individual Systems
Daniel Williamson
Tue Feb 3rd, 2009
I've always deleted all of the systems that I did not want imported from a copy of the imported sector. This way I only import what I want.

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That's a great guide and one of the first things I've read prior to
getting to deep into AS.

I understand how to import sectors within sectors but lets say I have
two sectors. Both have a number of stars already, some even likely
duplicated. If I wanted just one system from one sector, would it be
possible to import just the system and not the who sector it is in,
into the other sector?

On 2/3/09, ~~Richard K~~ <> wrote:
> Yes this can be done,
> A little more info on this is on my PDF posted at NOX
> It gets into importing groups of individual systems into a huge campaign
> setting, the same idea can be used for individual systems.
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> > Can you import individual systems into a current sector? For example,
> > the sample template has a pre-built Sol system with the planets and
> > what not already added. Could that system be inserted into a different
> > sector map?
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